What to Expect with Optus NBN - Cable (HFC)

Congratulations, you're now on your way to enjoying NBN internet from Optus!

You're probably wondering, what happens next? Well, we've put together this handy quick reference with the steps that we’ll take to keep you in the loop.

Getting to know - NBN Cable (NBN HFC)

When it comes to installing NBN Cable (aka HFC cable - Hybrid Fibre Coaxial cable), NBN may need to install a cable lead-in and a PCD (Premises Cable Device) on the outside wall of your home and a wall-plate inside your home. They may also install an nbn™ Connection Box and possibly a splitter inside your home. 

If you have had a cable connection to your premises previously, nbn™ may not need access to your home and you can install the nbn™ Connection Box (and splitter if needed) yourself with an nbn™ self-install kit.

Diagram showing how NBN Cable works

If this is a brand-new nbn™ connection

If you require an nbn™ installation appointment, we’ll confirm a date and time with you and remind you via SMS if you need to be there. If needed, the nbn™ Technician will connect a utility box and cable outside of your premises - please be patient as this may require digging a trench, drilling a small hole in the wall and/or clearing vegetation.

The Technician will then install a connection box inside your premises for your Optus modem to plug into so you'll need to consider beforehand where you'd like your modem to be located. Once you've let the Technician know where to install the connection box, the appointment can take up to 4 hours to complete and please note that if you’re renting, you’ll need your landlord’s permission to proceed with the connection.

If you don’t require an nbn™ installation appointment: For example, you’ve already had cable connected, you may be able to install the nbn™ Connection Box yourself. nbn™ will send you a Connection Box self-install kit in the mail and we will send one for your Optus WiFi modem.

IMPORTANT:  The nbn™ Connection Box must be installed before you set up your new Optus WiFi modem. You should wait until you have received both self-install kits before installing either.  You can find installation instructions for the Optus WiFi modem at optus.com.au/nbnsetup.

If the nbn™ has been connected at your address before

Installation is as easy as plugging in your Optus WiFi modem to the existing NBN connection box on your advised connection date, simple! 

If you’re not sure if your address is already connected to nbn™, no worries - we’ll let you know what’s involved in the email or letter that we send.

Remember, we’ll send you an SMS to let you know when the activation has been completed.

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How will I be notified of what's happening?

The best way to track your order is with the My Optus app, available for compatible iOS and Android devices. Simply download the app and enter the order number you received in your order confirmation SMS / email.

Tip: If you’re already an Optus mobile customer, open My Optus app (make sure you have the latest version) and then select the Menu icon > Track My Order

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Order Confirmation

When you order Optus NBN, we’ll send you an order confirmation email and / or SMS with your order number, and a link to track your order, to keep you updated on what will happen next.

Appointment Confirmation and Reminder

If an nbn™ Technician is required to install the internet and/or phone service for you, we’ll send you an SMS within three (3) days of ordering your new service to confirm when the nbn™ Technician will attend. The date of the installation and whether it has been completed will also be visible in My Optus app.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you can do this through Live Chat in My Optus app or chat to us here, however we strongly recommend you keep your appointment. Less than 48 hours’ notice may incur a cancellation fee.

If you have also booked an Optus Professional Installation the details of your Optus appointment are included at the bottom of the SMS and within My Optus app.

We’ll then send you a handy reminder within two (2) days of the nbn™ installation, just in case it may have slipped your mind!

If we need to reschedule an appointment for any reason, we’ll let you know via SMS and you can see further details in My Optus app.

Set-up Information

You’ll receive an email or letter from us within (7) working days before your nbn™ installation which will contain account information such as your new username and temporary password. Please keep this email / letter in a safe place as you may need this to complete your installation.

Optus Wifi modem Self-Installation Kit

We’ll send out your Self-Installation Kit (SIK) up to seven (7) days before the installation date. You’ll receive an SMS notifying you that we’ve dispatched it, and you can track its progress in the My Optus app. This SIK contains an Ethernet cable and if you don't already have one, a shiny new nbn™ compatible Optus WiFi modem too.

Need help setting up your modem? Check out the NBN Cable Quick Start Guide.

nbn™ Appointment Finished

Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS once the nbn™ service has been connected at your premises. If you’re transferring your phone number across to Optus from another provider, you can track its progress in My Optus app. You will also receive an SMS once your number transfer has been completed and your phone service is up and running.

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