Samsung Ordering FAQs

Looking at getting the latest Samsung but not sure how and where you can get one? Simply select a topic below to find out more.

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Pre-order FAQs

Will the latest Samsung be available for pre-order?

You can pre-order the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ online through the Optus website when pre-order is available on February 27, 2018 at 12:01am. You can also pre-order in any Optus store and over the phone from February 27, 2018, depending on their operating hours. Simply register for Samsung Alerts to receive updates on when pre-order will begin and where to find more information.

Can I pre-order online and pick up the phone in-store?

No. The device will be sent directly to the delivery address you provided when you place a pre-order online or over the phone.

If you'd like to pick up a phone in-store, you'll need to visit an Optus store to place a pre-order. The store will let you know if the phone can be pick up.

Note. Not all customers will be able to pick up the device in-store. Some customers will have the new device sent directly to their home when ordering in-store. The Salesperson will let you know whether the new device will be sent to your home or whether you need to pick it up from the Optus store.

What if my preferred device is out of stock during pre-order?

If your preferred device is not available during pre-order, you'll be able to register for stock updates by visiting our dedicated Samsung page on the Optus website.

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Pricing, purchasing & stock availability

When will the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ be available?

Pricing for the latest Samsung will be available when pre-order commences on February 27, 2018 at 12:01am AEDT. You can check the Optus website during this time for more information.

How much stock will Optus have available?

Whilst we make every attempt to have stock available for purchase, the Samsung often sells out of physical stock very quickly due to its popularity. You can place an order when pre-order is available or if the Samsung is on raincheck to secure a device when we receive more stock from Samsung.

Will I be able to use the Optus website during pre-order or launch?

We have taken steps to ensure the stability of the website during pre-order and launch, but please keep in mind that heavy traffic may cause slow responses from the website during peak periods.

Can I purchase the device outright in-store?

Outright sale of the latest Samsung in-store is not possible during launch. You'll need to wait until the device is readily available before you can purchase it outright from us.

What models will my local store have on launch day?

Stock availability is generally quite low on launch day and we cannot confirm which models, sizes or colours of the device will be available.

Is the device available for raincheck?

The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is available for raincheck. You can visit your local store to place an order even if the model you want is not available. The store will place an order and let you know whether the phone will be delivered to your home or if it will need to be picked up in-store. If the phone needs to be picked up, the store will let you know once the phone is ready for pick-up.

Alternatively, jump online or give our sales team a call to place an order, and we'll send the device as soon as stock becomes available.

Am I eligible for an early upgrade?

To check if you can upgrade early, head over to this page.

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How do I make changes to an order?

If you'd like to make any changes to an order you've placed (e.g. cancelling, incorrect model selected, change of delivery address, etc.), it will depend on the situation. If you've ordered online or on the phone, please get in contact with us. If you've ordered in a Retail store, please contact the store.

Please note that any changes made may result in your device being delivered on a different day to the original confirmation date.

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