Activate Your SIM Card

To activate a replacement or new SIM card, follow the prompts on our activation page. If you require a new/replacement SIM, just take along 100 points of ID to your local 'yes' Optus Store.

Otherwise, if you purchased online or over the phone, your delivered SIM should auto-activate within 4 hours of delivery.

While you wait for your new SIM to be activated: (Up to 4 hours)

  • Insert your new SIM card into your device
  • Periodically turn your device off and on until your SIM has activated. You will see Optus next to the coverage bars once the SIM is active.
  • Change your new SIM card PIN from the default (0000)
  • For mobile devices including tablets, manage your account on the go with the My Optus app
  • If you have a USB modem, connect it to your computer and install the connection software. For device help, click here

If you’re experiencing SIM card activation issues, click here for help.