Understanding Your Mobile Broadband Bill

Has the look of your bill recently changed?
Your bill has had a make over. To make things easier, we've made a few important and exciting changes, including the look and feel! Get all the information you need by checking out this page.

Otherwise, if you need help understanding your Shared Data Pool bill, check out the two article below.

On a Plan that does not share data?

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What's this bill for?

If you’ve just signed up and are wondering why you’ve received a bill so soon after your service was connected.  We do this so your bill is simpler and easier to understand.

Here’s why…

By sending your first month’s bill early we avoid having to charge you complex pro-rata & advance amounts.

Your Bill at a glance?

The first page provides an overview of your charges, a sub-total for each service and the total GST payable. It also has your bill's due date, invoice period, B-Pay details and further payment information.  If this is your first account, this will be highlighted under invoice period.  Subsequent accounts will also show a comparison with your previous bill. 


Image of Mobile Broadband Bill

Wireless Broadband Service Summary

Here you’ll find the service's number and its associated plan. If you've more than one service on your bill, this is a handy way to know which charges apply to which service. All of these costs exclude GST.

This section also gives you a quick snap-shot of your recurring charges, SMS, MMS and data use, less any plan inclusion credits.

If you're connected on one of the plans listed below, this section of your bill will look a little different.  Click on the relevant button to see how.

Biz Data Plans

On this plan, under the 'Not eligible for plan benefit' section, you'll see the total data charges incurred for each service (see example below).  Then, under the 'Account Charges' heading (refer to Page 2 of your bill), you'll see a credit that covers your included data usage up to the maximum included value for all services that are on these plans. 

Image showing Biz Data plan usage

My Mobile Broadband Plans or My Plans for iPad

The following 2 images are plan cost graphs, that only feature on bills for our  'My Mobile Broadband' or 'My Plan for iPad' Plans.

The first example (below) shows a usage graph that has not exceeded the base plan data allowance.

Image of graph showing usage within base plan allowance


This example shows a usage graph that has exceeded the base plan data allowance.

Image of bill that has exceeded base plan data allowance


What are these Recurring Charges?

These monthly charges are itemised on your bill and include access fees, equipment repayments and feature pricing.  Equipment charges have a handy countdown showing the number of repayments that remain.  

Why are there 2 of each Recurring Charge?

Sometimes your bill invoice period will not coincide with your connection date or changes to your plan or features.  In this situation, you’ll see part-monthly charges for the period leading up to your bill as well as monthly charges calculated in advance for the next billing period. 

The first of each repeated charge is from the date your plan or feature was activated or changed, to the end of this bill's invoice period.  It’s usually a portion of the normal monthly fee for that item. (Charging a part of a normal amount is known as pro-rata billing).

The second instance of each repeated charge is for the full month ahead. This fee is for the full monthly rate.  Remember, the amounts displayed in these sections exclude GST.

Image showing how recurring charges appear on a first bill


Will this occur every month?

Unless you make further changes to your service, your next bill with have only one charge for each item, (the full monthly access fee in advance). More information on Pro-rata, Recurring Charges and Advanced Billing is available here.

I haven’t exceeded my plan’s data allowance, so why have I been charged for excess data usage?

It’s likely your current plan wasn’t active for a whole month when your bill was issued, so you only receive the equivalent proportion of the included data allowance for that period.  
Your next bill will be for the entire month, so you will be charged the full monthly access fee and likewise will receive the entire included data allowance.

Other Charges & Credits

If shown, it probably relates to equipment, connection or delivery fees (excluding GST).

How do we calculate Data Charges?

We will charge you for the volume of data uploaded and downloaded to your mobile broadband device / usb modem or tablet. Charges are based upon 1 kilobyte (KB) increments and are rounded to the nearest cent. Charges for part of a 1 KB increment will be rounded up to the next 1 KB increment.

Detailed information on how we calculate your charges is contained within the Postpaid Mobile Broadband Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA).

Image showing how data usage is displayed on bill

Other items that may appear on your bill...

Itemised content services, premium SMS and other charges exclude GST and are only available on bills when viewed in My Account.

How do I register for Online Billing?

Online billing is an environmentally friendly and convenient way to access your bills. To register, check out this article.  If you’ve already registered you can see this on page 1 of your bill (on the left hand side under Last Bill Amount).

I've set up Direct Debit, is it active for this Bill?

If direct debit is active, instead of listing TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on your bill, you will see the direct debit amount and the date your account will be debited instead.

Paying via direct debit removes any payment processing fees.  For further info on direct debit, take a look at this article

GST on your Bill?

You might notice that charges for plans & features listed on your bill are shown pre-GST.  A single charge for GST is then applied to the total amount charged.  This is displayed on Page 1 of your invoice.

Please Note: The plans, prices and products shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current offers from Optus.