Understanding Your Standalone Cable Broadband Bill

Just received your bill and have a few questions?  We’ve got the answers just below. 

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Your Bill at a glance

The first page provides a breakdown of your charges that equal the total amount due.  These are featured in a table that displays the date the item was charged, a description of the charge and the amount (excluding GST). It also has your account number, bill's due date, issue date, and last payment details (if applicable).

Image of Standalone Cable Broadband Bill


Why are there 2 Monthly Service Charges?

If this is your first bill with us or you’ve changed your plan you’ll see a part monthly service charge for the period leading up to your bill as well as monthly charges calculated in advance for the next billing period. 

The first charge is for the current billing period.  In this example, it covers charges for the full month of April.

The second charge is for the full month ahead. In this example, it covers the service charges for May. Remember, the amounts displayed in these sections exclude GST.

Image of Monthly Service Charges

Will this occur every month?

Unless you make further changes to your service, your next bill with have only one service charge (the full service fee in advance). If your service is disconnected a credit will appear for any service fees billed and paid in advance.  More information on Pro-rata, Recurring Charges and Advanced Billing is available here.

Bill Message

This blue box has variable information about any potential changes to your service or new offers. It also provides the cut-off date of when the bill was calculated. Payments or adjustments made to your account after this date will show on the next bill. Standalone Cable Broadband bills are usually only 1 double-sided page.

The reverse side of the bill may provide additional information on any further charges/adjustments incurred. It also covers off the different ways to pay your account.

I've set up Direct Debit, is it active for this Bill?

If direct debit is active, instead of listing TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on your bill, you will see the direct debit amount and the date your account will be debited instead.   

Paying via direct debit removes any payment processing fees.  For further info on direct debit, take a look at this article.

How do I register for Online Billing?

Online billing is an environmentally friendly and convenient way to access your bills. To register, check out this article.  If you’ve already registered you can see this on page 1 of your bill. 

GST on your Bill

You might notice that all of the itemised charges in the table are shown pre-GST.  The GST section (on the first page above total amount due) provides a total of the GST payable on the bill.

Please note: The offers, charges and products presented in this example are for illustrative purposes only.