Cancelling Services & Returning Equipment

We're sorry to hear that you're leaving us. Perhaps we could meet your needs better by moving you over to a different plan, or changing you to a Prepaid Service?

To cancel your service, contact us directly on the appropriate number below. We'll make sure you're getting all the benefits available to you as well as address any problems you may be having with your service. If you still want to cancel your service, we'll walk you through your disconnection options.

If you're moving, take a look at this article instead.

How to contact us

From Australia...

If you're within Australia, chat with us

From Overseas...

If you're currently overseas, please contact us on this number.

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How long does cancellation take?

Disconnection timeframes can vary depending on the product and the amount of notice you've provided. When you call, we'll be able to advise of specific timeframes.

After your service has been disconnected, you will be issued with your final bill. You may incur some cancellation fees, depending on the terms of your service. We'll let you know if these apply to you during the call and before you proceed with your cancellation.

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If I've cancelled my service, do I need to return any equipment?

When you call to cancel, we'll advise you if we need anything returned to us. If you request a cancellation, the following services usually include equipment that may need to be returned or recovered.

Important! To ensure your equipment is successfully returned, please send it directly to our warehouse via the Prepaid Collect Kit that we will issue to you after cancellation. Please do not return the equipment to our retail stores.

Optus TV featuring Foxtel

If you're cancelling your Optus TV featuring Foxtel service, we'll issue a Prepaid mail bag for you to return the set top box and remote control to us. Simply drop off the Prepaid return bag at your local post office.


If you're cancelling your Fetch service, we'll issue a postage paid satchel for you to return the set top box, cables and remote control to us. If you have multiple set top boxes (STB), you will receive a stachel for each STB to be returned. Simply pack the equipment into the original packaging (or any soft packaging that you may have) and then pop this inside the satchel. If the packaging doesn't fit, simply place the equipment directly into the satchel.

For future reference make a note of the tracking label (AP Article ID) number on the padded satchel.

Example image of Aust Post Article ID Number

Drop the satchel at any Australia Post outlet and retain the 'Australia Post Lodgement Advice' as proof of postage in case the package is lost or misplaced.

You can track the return of the satchel via

Cable Home Phone / Cable Broadband Services

If you're cancelling your Cable Home Phone or Cable Broadband services, a technician may be required to recover the Optus equipment from the premises (at no additional cost). If this is required, we'll contact you and arrange for a technician to visit at a suitable time.

Optus Wireless Telephony / Optus Wireless Fusion

If you're cancelling your Optus Wireless Telephony or Optus Wireless Fusion service, we'll issue a Prepaid mail bag for you to return the equipment to us. Simply drop off the Prepaid bag at your local post office.

Home Wireless Broadband

If you're cancelling your Home Wireless Broadband service, you don't have to return the equipment (although if you've chosen a repayment option for your modem, you'll have to pay any remaining equipment repayment fees).

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