Request a Refund or Transfer of a Credit Balance

If you're looking for information on missing payments, head to this page instead, otherwise check out the topics below.

Disconnected Accounts: Automatic Refunds

If your account is cancelled and in credit, a refund cheque will be automatically issued to you after 10 days, provided there's been no further activity on the account. The cheque will be posted to the billing address currently on the bill.

Please be aware though that this only applies to accounts with 14 digit account numbers.

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Accidentally overpaid an account?

If you've paid an account twice or manually paid an account that's on direct debit, etc. You can either: 

  • Leave the extra / incorrect payment on the account, to go against your next bill (this is automatic)
  • Request us to transfer the credit to another Optus account, reverse the credit if the payment was via credit card, or mail a refund cheque to you.

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How do I request a credit refund / transfer?

You will need to log into My Account and navigate to the Billing and Payments section to request a refund or transfer of credit. 

Important: We are currently upgrading our billing system. If your account number starts with a 62, requesting a refund is currently unavailable via My Account. Contact us instead.  

What happens next?

To receive a refund of money on your account, you and your refund / transfer must meet the following criteria:

  • You're not a Prepaid customer
  • A transfer of funds from a monthly billed account to a Prepaid account can only be done if you're a billed customer that has transferred your service to a Prepaid calling offer
  • You've either overpaid your account or have received a bill with a credit amount
  • The credit amount is not from a promotional credit

Provided your refund / transfer meets the validity criteria:

  • Refunds: A cheque will be issued to the billing address listed on the account. You should receive it within 10 business days
  • Transfers: A transfer of credit from one Optus account to another can take up to 2 business days to be actioned. You will see the transfer appear as a debit on page 2 on the source account and as a credit on page 2 of the receiving account, when they are next issued

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