Moving? Here's what you need to know

We know that moving can be pretty stressful, so to assist in getting your Fixed Phone, Broadband, TV and/ or Mobile services set up at your new address as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together these answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I book a Relocation?

For Fixed Line Phone, Broadband and TV services

You can...

  • Submit your request online
  • Chat to us by clicking the chat button to the right of the screen
  • Call us

Call us on 1300 555 241

To get you going again as quickly as possible let us know 2–3 weeks before you move and make sure your account is up to date. 

What do I need to provide?

Have these details handy (where applicable):

  • Your new address details, including postcode and unit number
  • Your phone number(s), username(s) or account number(s)
  • A mobile phone number so we can keep you informed about your request
  • If known, the previous phone number at your new address
  • You'll also need to be ready to note down any dates / times and special instructions that we give you

For Mobile Phone, Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband services

We don't need to make any physical changes to your Mobile, Mobile Broadband or Wireless Broadband services if you move, but we do need to update your service and billing addresses. This is a regulatory requirement for emergency services.

You can update your address details online in My Account by logging in and navigating to Profile > Postal Address / Billing & Payments and then following the prompts. Alternatively, you can also update your address in the My Optus App.

For Wireless Broadband services, the service operates on our 4G Plus network and we may limit serviceability in some areas, so before moving, you should contact us and carry out a coverage check at your new location to make sure that the service will be available.

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Are there any fees associated with Relocating?

Cable, Resale, NBN & ULL Networks

Additional charges can apply for all non-standard or complex installations (e.g. using underground cabling or lengthy connections).

NBN Network
  • Professional installs will incur an install fee of $140
  • New Development Charge of $300 will apply if your property is classified by NBN as a ‘New Development’ and has never had a service connected through NBN
Resale network
  • An install fee may apply depending on the network connection to your address

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How long does the Relocation take?

Once your Relocation is booked over the phone or using LiveChat, we'll keep you updated via SMS.

If you've booked using the online Relocation Form, ensure to leave us a current mobile number and we'll be in contact via SMS within 72 business hours. 

If you have a query or need to reschedule, the Account Holder or Account Privacy PIN Holder can contact us:

  • By clicking the chat button to the right of the screen 
  • By calling us, Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm (AEST) | Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm (AEST)

Call us on 1300 555 241

Time frame

This depends on the type of service being connected, the location and technician availability. Typically, metropolitan connections for:

  • Cable Fixed Phone / Broadband: Usually take about 5 business days
  • Direct Fixed Phone / Broadband (ADSL 2): Take a minimum of 10 business days
  • NBN Fixed Phone / Broadband / Wireless: Take a minimum of 10 business days
  • DSL Fixed Phone / Broadband: Take a minimum of 7 business days

You can get an indication of the type of service available at your new address by following the steps outlined in this article.  When you contact us, our relocations team will provide you with the expected timeframe for connection specific to your address.

If your new address is not serviceable we’ll cancel your service and no cancellation fee will apply.

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How is the install completed & is a new modem required?

For Cable

If you can see a thick black cable running about a metre below the overhead power lines, you may get our Premium Optus Cable service. Go to Overhead Cable Installation & Removal for details.


If your place is serviceable, you’ll need to sign up to a plan and have some hardware installed at your premises. Go to this page for details. Optus currently offers NBN Fibre and NBN Fixed Wireless only. NBN Satellite service is not available

If you have an ADSL2 service with a “Back to Base” alarm OR you plan to install one, a central filter will be required to enable them to work together.

Is a new modem required?

When relocating within the same network (e.g. Cable to Cable); you can continue to use your existing modem. If your new plan requires a new modem, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with options.

However, if you're relocating to an address with a different network (e.g. Cable to NBN); a new modem will be required. We’d be happy to provide you with a suitable modem for a one-off fee of $20 (incl. GST) which will be applied on your first month’s invoice. 

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Q. Does Optus connect to a brand new or never connected property?

A. Yes - depending on certain technical requirements, we can offer the following:

  • Cable Connections: To new and existing properties at a serviceable address
  • ULL / Copper: We can connect to properties which have previously been connected to the network
  • NBN Fibre and NBN Fixed Wireless: To new and existing properties at a serviceable address

Q. Can I keep my phone number, internet username and current plan?

A. Unless you request otherwise, we'll make every effort to maintain your existing service details and plans at your new address.  We’ll notify you via SMS if you require a:

  • New number:  This means a new number unfortunately had to be allocated
  • Temporary number:  This means you’re able to relocate and keep your same number. You will be given a temporary number for a couple of days and then your original number will swap back 2 business days after installation

Keep in mind this is not always technically possible. If a change is necessary we'll let you know when we organise your relocation.

Q. Does the Account Holder need to be at the premises for the installation?

A. Not necessarily. This depends on the type of service being connected and the technology in place at your new address.

If a technician is required to attend your new home for the installation, you'll be contacted via text message with the appointment date/ time. We’ll also let you know if someone over the age of 18 years and an English speaker needs to be present at the time.

If no technician is required for the connection, we’ll send you an SMS to let you know and no one needs to be at the premises.

Q. Can I disconnect the service online?

A. Unfortunately, you can’t. You need to contact us

If you only want to disconnect your service without relocating to a new address. We can discuss your disconnection options, make sure you're getting all the benefits available to you or address any problems you may have with your service.

We'd love to keep you with us! Perhaps a different plan or changing to a Prepaid service might suit your needs?

Note: Disconnections usually occur remotely so a technician visit is rarely needed to deactivate services at your previous address. If we need to pick-up Optus equipment from the old house, we’ll work out a suitable time with you. Go to this page for additional information.


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