Optus Pay: How does it work?

Introducing Optus Pay - the new name of Cash by Optus! 

Optus Pay is a contactless method to pay for transactions under $100. Rather than reaching for your card, the facility allows you to simply ‘wave’ your handset at almost all contactless payment terminals. 

The Optus Pay app links to your bank account, so you can load funds up to a maximum of $500. You can then make contactless payments of up to $100 wherever you see the Visa payWave sign. Like all cards, acceptance is ultimately at the merchants' discretion.

The new name does not impact existing users, features or functionality. All current accessories will continue to work and can be used anywhere Visa payWave is accepted.

What's New?

Say hello to Paytag, a new payment accessory that gives fitness trackers or watches Visa payWave functionality through Optus Pay. If you're using Optus Pay, we'll provide you the Paytag free of charge! For more details on Paytag - check out the FAQs section below. 

If you'd like to get your hands on either an Optus Pay or Payment Accessory, click here.  Need more info.  Select from the options below:

Getting started...

You'll need:

  • An Optus Mobile phone service
  • A compatible Android or iOS handset
    (Windows phones are currently not supported)
  • The Optus Pay app (don't forget to complete the registration process in the app once it's installed)
  • Either a Optus Pay SIM (Android NFC only)
    or Payment Accessory (iOS and non-NFC Android handsets)
    If you choose a Payment Accessory, you can select a Sticker that goes onto the back of your phone), a Payband or one of our new Optus Paytags

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You can track delivery here.

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I'm having problems registering...

If you're having trouble, give this a go...

  • Turn your phone off and then back on. Once your phone is on, open the app again
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the app
  • Ensure your SIM has been activated on the Optus network for a minimum of 24 hours

If you're still having trouble, email us at optuspay@optus.com.au and we'll see what we can do to get things going.

I can't register the Optus Pay Sticker, Payband or Paytag

If you've got an Optus Pay Payment Accessory, you'll need to add it to the app. Click on 'Payment Settings' and then follow the prompts. If you're still experiencing an issue, email optuspay@optus.com.au.

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How do I load money onto my Optus Pay facility?

You can load funds in two ways...

Using Online Banking

You can load funds by using the 'Pay Anyone' feature through your existing bank. Just transfer your funds using the BSB and account number provided when you registered in the app. If you've forgotten your details, they can be located within the 'load' tab in the app.

Typically, your funds will be ready to use within 1-2 business days (depending on your bank).

Using the Optus Pay app

You have two options...

  • Auto Load - Set up an AUTOMATED top-up when you reach a pre-set balance
  • Manual Load - Request a ONCE OFF transfer from your existing bank account to your Optus Pay facility

Typically, your funds will be ready to use within 3-5 business days (depending on your bank).

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How do I pay for things using Optus Pay?

It all depends on the type of handset you have...

I've got an NFC enabled Android handset

There are a couple of ways to pay using Cash by Optus

With the app open (ON)

This means that the app must be opened before you can 'wave' your handset in front of the Visa payWave machine.

With the app closed (OFF)

Turning the option to 'OFF' will allow contactless payments at any time, even if your phone is off or out of battery!

You can change this option in the app via Settings > Payment Settings > Contactless > tap 'ON' or 'OFF'

I've got an iOS or Android non-NFC handset

To use Optus Pay, you'll need a payment accessory - a Sticker, Payband or Paytag. To pay, simply 'wave' the accessory near the Visa payWave machine.

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I need to update / reset my Optus Pay passcode...

I've forgotten the passcode

It’s ok, simply call us and we’ll get you a new one.

Call us on 1800 034 904

I just want to change my passcode

  1. Tap on Settings and then Passcode Settings

  2. Select Change Passcode

  3. Enter your current passcode

  4. You'll be prompted to select a new passcode

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My Handset / Payment Accessory has been lost / stolen...

We like to make things as stress-free as possible, because at some point in time, we’ve all lost something.

My Payment Accessory has been lost/ stolen...

You can lock and unlock your Payment Accessory straight from the Optus Pay app. Just follow the three steps below:

  1. Go to the Optus Pay app

  2. Select Payment Settings

  3. Change Lock Payment Accessory to ON to prevent it from being used

My handset has been lost/ stolen...

If you’ve lost your phone, call us to report your device as lost or stolen so we can suspend your Optus Pay facility.

Call us on 133 937

How do I order a replacement Optus Pay SIM or Payment Accessory?

You can order a replacement SIM, Sticker, Payband or Paytag directly in the Optus Pay app. We won’t charge you for replacement fee.

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A. To check your balance, just open the app and your balance will appear on the screen.

A. You can make online payments or payments over the phone using the app's Visa Prepaid Debit Card details.

A. Locate the charge you don't recognise within the app and tap on it. This will open a more detailed explanation screen.

  • Check the date of the transaction to see if you can relate the purchase to something that you may have bought on the same day
  • Sometimes companies use a different trading name to their billing name (the one that appears on transactions)
  • If the amount seems incorrect, check the purchase with the receipt to see if they match. If the amount is different, it could be due to an exchange rate on an international transaction or a surcharge applied by the store / merchant

If you still can't recognise the transaction, send it to us and we'll see what's going on. Just follow these steps...

Important! Make sure you double check the transaction before sending it our way as there's a charge of $10 if it turns out to be a legitimate transaction.

  1. From Main Menu tap on Settings

  2. Scroll down and select Dispute Transaction
    Have a read of the information given in this section as it will outline how we'll work with you during the investigation.

  3. Tap Email Me The Form

  4. Enter your email address and tap Send
    We'll send a form to the nominated email address

  5. Complete the form, scan it and email it to optuspay@heritage.com.au within 45 days of the date of the disputed transaction

All transaction disputes are managed by the Optus Pay team at Heritage Bank who will work to resolve the dispute within 21 days. If they need to contact another bank or merchant, it can take longer.

A. Give us a call on this contact number and we'll cancel this for you. Any funds that are left over will be transferred back to your bank account, so have these details handy before calling.

Call us on 1800 034 904

A. The Paytag can be slipped onto any fitness tracker or watch that has a buckle such as a Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Watch and G-Shock.  You can order the Paytag free of charge via the Optus Pay app.  Go to Settings > My Accessories > Order New Accessory.


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