Home Zone Closure Information

From 31 March 2016, our Optus 3G Home Zone service will no longer be available.

We have been working hard to improve the mobile experience and have developed a new WiFi Calling feature that will deliver the benefits of Home Zone, with increased flexibility and ease of use on Optus approved WiFi Calling compatible devices. For a list of compatible devices, click here. If your phone isn’t yet on this list then we also have the WiFi Talk app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.

Why has the Home Zone service been closed down?

Our current technology platform that supports Home Zone is reaching its end of life, which means things like software updates, technology developments or even spare parts will no longer be available. We apologise for any inconvenience.

What do I do with my Home Zone device?

You don't need to return the device back to us, we simply request that you please dispose of your Home Zone as you would any other small electrical appliance. Many councils hold e-waste collections, so contact yours about their collections and other preferred disposal methods.