Data Free Music Streaming: Prepaid Mobile Phone

Never miss a beat with data free music streaming available on eligible Optus Prepaid plans and selected music streaming apps, from May 2, 2016 until April 22, 2018.

That’s right, if you’re on one of our eligible Prepaid plans, you can enjoy data free music streaming through the following apps:

Google Play Music

iHeart Radio


For more information check out the details below.

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Only audio music streaming is zero rated and only when streamed through the participating apps from your mobile phone. Use of third party apps such as Sonos, are excluded. 

The following functions will not have the data usage zero rated.

  • Video streaming
  • Non-music content like album artwork displayed on screen and advertisements
  • Downloading songs
  • Any analytics sent from the music provider to understand the user’s music style or usage

If you'd like to install one of the participating apps, then data charges may apply to download them. 

Note: You must have a positive MyCredit or data balance to access data free music streaming.

For Terms and Conditions, click here.

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How do I get it?

New to Optus Prepaid…

Simply activate onto Prepaid Ultimate Plus or My Prepaid Daily Plus and recharge to get access to data free music streaming from 2 May 2016.

Have an existing Prepaid service…

Here’s the list of Prepaid plans eligible for data free music streaming and when you’ll be able to access the offer depending on your plan: 

On first day's usage after 2 May 2016:
  • My Prepaid Daily
  • My Prepaid Daily Plus
  • $2 Days 4G Ready
From first recharge after 2 May 2016:
  • Prepaid Ultimate Plus
  • My Prepaid Ultimate
  • My Prepaid Ultra (formerly My Prepaid Monthly)
  • My Prepaid Ultra Plus (formerly My Prepaid Monthly Plus)
  • Turbo Cap Bonus
  • Turbo Cap Plus
  • New Turbo Cap Plus
  • Crew Cap
  • Super Cap by Optus
  • Optus Prepaid Cap
  • Optus Prepaid Social 4G Ready
If you’re on a plan not listed above…

Simply perform a rate plan change to My Prepaid Ultimate or My Prepaid Daily Plus and recharge to be able to access data free music streaming. You can rate plan change by texting MENU to 9999.

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What about MyData Add ons?

Only full recharges give you data free music streaming. Add Ons will enable data free music streaming ONLY when the Add On is still within your plan's recharge expiry period - this is because you need at least some data to use the apps. Once your recharge has expired, any music streaming will use data from your MyData Add On.

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