WiFi Calling: What You Need To Know

WiFi Calling allows your compatible 4G mobile to use an available WiFi connection to make and receive calls, texts and multimedia messages without using an app. All your calls and texts will appear on your mobile device in the same way as it does today!

There are no additional costs to use WiFi Calling, as all calls and texts will come out of your Postpaid Mobile plan inclusions. WiFi Calling is not available for Corporate, Prepaid Mobiles or when roaming overseas. Standard international roaming rates will apply.

How does it work?

Your compatible 4G Mobile Phone will automatically switch over to WiFi Calling when you are connected to WiFi and not in range of the Optus network. If you leave your WiFi hotspot, your calls will seamlessly move over as long as you're connected to the Optus 4G VoLTE network.

WiFi Calling needs a strong and reliable WiFi connection with a bandwidth of around 100 - 120 kbps. If your WiFi signal is weak, you may experience poor or inconsistent call quality. This can be due to the type of WiFi (e.g. public WiFi hotspot) as well as the number of devices that are connected to the WiFi network.

When using WiFi Calling you don't have to use your mobile any differently, as your existing features (e.g. voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID) will work the same. 

Emergency calls

Calls to triple zero can be made using WiFi Calling, even when there is no mobile coverage available.

Note. Making calls to triple zero using the mobile network is preferred, as this will provide more information about your location to the emergency services.

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How do I get WiFi Calling?

To use WiFi Calling you will need to:

  • Be on an Optus Postpaid Consumer / SMB Mobile plan (WiFi Calling is not available for Prepaid services)
  • Have an Optus supplied WiFi Calling compatible device. For a list of compatible devices, see Connect with WiFi Calling
  • Be connected to a supported WiFi network
  • Turn on VoLTE and WiFi Calling on your device. For instructions, see VoLTE WiFi Calling Support

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If you can't make or receive WiFi calls, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • VoLTE or WiFi Calling may not be set up on your device or they may be turned off
  • The latest mobile device software has not been installed
  • You are not connected to a WiFi network


Yes, WiFi Calling is available in Aeroplane mode.


Yes, WiFi Calling uses the same authentication that is used when making normal calls over the Optus Mobile network. Encryption technology is also used between the handset and Mobile network to ensure that calls and messages are sent securely.


WiFi voice calls use approximately 3.8MB of data for a 5 minute call, however this can differ depending on the situation. Calls made using WiFi will charge to your WiFi network as normal (unless your WiFi connection is an Optus Fixed connection, as this data will be zero rated and will not be charged).


No, WiFi Calling is not supported over a VPN.


Most WiFi routers will allow you to use WiFi Calling.

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Terms & Conditions
  • The Fair Go Policy applies to your use of WiFi Calling
  • WiFi Calling will use data on the WiFi Connection you are connected to. If the WiFi connection is an Optus Fixed connection, this data will be zero rated and will not be charged
  • You will be charged your usual mobile plan rates for making calls or sending messages over WiFi Calling
  • To use WiFi Calling, you will need to have a valid Optus Postpaid Consumer or SMB mobile phone number, a compatible device and access to a WiFi connection
  • Some public and corporate WiFi connections may have specific firewalls and settings that might mean WiFi Calling won't work. We cannot guarantee each specific WiFi connection will allow access to the WiFi calling capability
  • Emergency calls are supported via WiFi Calling if there is no mobile network available, however we recommend that you use the normal mobile network coverage in an emergency to provide a more accurate location to the emergency services
  • While you are using the WiFi Calling service, you may not receive National Emergency Warning System (NEWS) SMS warnings.
  • You can switch WiFi Calling 'OFF' on your device via the Settings / Options menu

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