Number Share: What you need to know

Number Share lets you share one Mobile Phone number on the Optus network between a compatible connected wearable device and a Mobile Phone. This means that you can make / receive calls and use data on your wearable device even if you don't take your Mobile Phone out with you.

Calls and data made from the wearable device can be seen on your bill under the one number once Number Share is active. We'll send you data usage alerts for the total data used on both devices.

The Apple Watch GPS + Cellular is currently the only device that supports the Number Share feature and uses the eSIM technology. For more details or to check if your mobile number is eligible, see Apple Watch.

How eSIM works

Unlike a traditional SIM card, an eSIM (embedded SIM) is built into a device (e.g. Smart Watch) that allows for an independent connection to our Mobile network.

The Apple Watch GPS + Cellular is not the same as a Mobile Phone. Some network functionality is not available on these devices, call quality may not be the same standard as a Mobile Phone and may drop out in certain areas. It does not support the LTE 700MHz spectrum (which is one of our 4G spectrums) and calls may drop out when you move from 4G to 3G coverage areas whilst on a call.

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How to add Number Share

Just received your shiny new Apple Watch GPS + Cellular? Follow the steps below to activate a profile via your Apple iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later.

Important: Have your My Account login handy before activating Number Share. Don't have My Account? No worries, register here.

  1. Select the Watch app on your iPhone

    1. If you don't have an existing Apple Watch paired; tap Start Pairing and follow the onscreen prompts (you may need your iTunes login details if you want to download apps to your watch)

    2. If you have an existing Apple Watch paired; continue to Step 2

    3. If you have an existing Apple Watch but need to a pair a new one; tap Pair a New Apple Watch

  2. Once the watch is paired, on your iPhone scroll down and tap Mobile

  3. Tap Set Up Mobile

  4. Confirm that you're the account holder of the Mobile Phone number as shown on the welcome screen, before tapping Confirm

  5. Enter your My Account login username (email address) and password and tap Next

  6. The Terms & Conditions screen will appear, tick the box to agree before tapping Next

  7. If successful, a confirmation screen will appear advising that your Number Share will be activated

  8. Tap Done, once activation is complete your Optus Mobile plan will appear

  9. A SMS will be sent once Number Share is active

Note. It may take up to 4 hours for Number Share to be active. You can also check the Number Share status from the Control Centre on the watch by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face.

Number Share is active if the colour of the cellular button Cellular Button is:

  • White - Number Share is active and the watch is connected to the iPhone using Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Green - Number Share is active and the watch is connected to the network. Green dots show the signal strength

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How to cancel Number Share

If you need to make any of the changes below to your account, your Number Share profile must be deactivated / cancelled. Otherwise you may continue to incur charges. Number Share will no longer work once it's cancelled and you will need to activate a new profile in the Watch app on your compatible Mobile Phone if you want to use the feature again.

To cancel your Number Share profile - you need to contact us directly. Simply selecting 'Remove Optus Plan' from the Watch app or factory resetting (erase all and keep data plan) your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular will not automatically remove the profile from the network and will continue to incur Number Share charges on your bill.

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My Number Share isn't working

If you're experiencing issues with your device, head over to Apple's Support website or check out the Apple Watch user guide. If you're having trouble with making or receiving calls, try the steps in this article instead.

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Yes, emergency services can be dialled using 000 from your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular (within Australia)


You can take your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular overseas but it won't be able to Number Share and connect to a Mobile network. If you use your Postpaid Mobile Phone overseas, standard international roaming rates will apply.

If your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular is near your Mobile Phone during a call, the default connection is Bluetooth. If you move out of range then your device will connect to WiFi and if that's not available it will connect to the Mobile network.

Yes, the following Optus services are not compatible with the current Apple Watch GPS + Cellular, however they are supported if the watch is connected via Bluetooth to a compatible Apple iPhone:

  • MMS
  • International Roaming
  • Voicemail

Your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular usage is shared with your Mobile Phone and can be viewed on the bill under the one Mobile Number. You'll also receive usage alerts when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly combined plan inclusions. For more information on usage alerts, click here.

When Number Share is activated, usage alerts will not take into account any Number Share included data until the next billing period.

Note. Data used from the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular when not connected by Bluetooth to your compatible Apple iPhone will not appear in My Optus app.

Yes, as long as Number Share has been activated, any included data will be added to your shared data pool. The first month will be pro-rated from the date you activate Number Share.

When Number Share is activated, usage alerts will not take into account any Number Share included data until the next billing period.

You can use your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular and not activate Number Share, this just means that it will only connect to your compatible Apple iPhone via Bluetooth.

Messages sent / received on the watch are sent to the Apple iPhone and then to / from the selected contact, simply make sure you have:

  • Both devices on (with enough battery)
  • Signed into the phone with an Apple ID
  • Network reception on both devices

Messages are sent / received on the phone when the watch is within Bluetooth range.

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