My Plan Flex Plans: How Do They Work?

My Plan Flex plans are 24 month leasing plans designed to give you choice and flexibility around when you get a new phone, and how much you pay each month. 

For details on available leasing plans and their benefits check out our leasing page.

For more information on My Plan Flex features, select an option below: 

Ability to upgrade

You can upgrade to a new phone after 12 months of your 24 month lease contract for a one-off upgrade fee when you return the device in good working order. A damage fee will be charged if the phone is not in good working order. For more information on what is classed as 'good working order', see the Leasing FAQs at the bottom of the leasing page.

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Options available at the end of the lease

There are a couple of options available once your 24 month leasing contract has finished.

  1. Return the phone:
    Return the phone in good working order (damage fees will apply to devices not deemed to be in good working order).

  2. Purchase the phone:
    You can purchase the phone at fair market value (value will be advised by Optus at the time)

  3. Continue the lease:
    You can choose to continue the lease by paying the monthly plan fee and device charges for up to a specified number of additional months outlined in the Critical Information Summary for your plan. Keep in mind though, if you purchased Device Protect Insurance for the leased phone, the policy expires after 24 months and the phone will not be covered if you choose to continue the lease

  4. Phone not returned after 24 month lease contract and available additional months:
    If the phone is not returned after the contract has finished and the additional available months have lapsed a non-return fee will be charged. The non-return fee will be the fair market value of the device at the time. Once the non-return fee is paid, you will own the phone

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A. Check your Critical Information Summary for information on termination & cancellation charges. Charges can differ depending on your contract and what month you’re in.

A. Check your Critical Information Summary for information on termination & cancellation charges. Options available differ depending on what month you’re in.

A. Check out the leasing page for information on damaged handsets.

A. You can only take up Device Protect insurance when you first sign up for the contract with the leased device. Device Protect insurance is an insurance policy with a premium that is payable monthly for a maximum of 24 months. It expires automatically after 24 months unless you cancel it earlier. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

Note. As Device Protect Insurance expires after 24 months, if you choose to continue your lease for additional months, the device will not be covered under Device Protect Insurance past this point.

A. You can change your My Plan Flex plan from a lower monthly access fee to a higher monthly access fee within the same My Plan Flex family. To check what plans are available for you to change to see this page.

If you are currently not on a version of the My Plan Flex plans you are not able to change to a My Plan Flex plan. You will need to recontract / upgrade to move onto a My Plan Flex plan.

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