Top Up / Recharge Your Prepaid Mobile Service

There are various options for recharging your Prepaid Mobile or Mobile Broadband service.  Check out the details below.

Using the My Optus app

The My Optus app is the easiest way to top up / recharge. You can also store your credit card details to make your next recharge even easier.

The My Optus app is available on Android and Apple smartphones. For more information visit the My Optus app site.

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Online with Voucher / Credit Card / PayPal

To recharge online, you will need either your Credit Card, Voucher or PayPal details.

  1. Click Recharge (above)

  2. Enter the mobile phone number you want to recharge

  3. Select either Credit Card, PayPal or Redeem Voucher then click next

  4. Choose your recharge amount and confirm your details

  5. Click submit. A recharge will be performed within 2 minutes (if credit approved)

  6. Ensure that you switch your phone off and then on again so that recharge completes successfully

Can I recharge another person's service online?

Yes. Simply enter their Prepaid phone number at Step 2

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Over the Phone

Recharge over the phone with a credit card by calling 555 from your Prepaid Mobile. Don't worry if you've run out of credit as calls to 555 are free.

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With Scan and Go

You can recharge at any participating 7-Eleven store in Australia by using your own custom QR code on your phone.

  1. Generate your own custom QR code at & send it to your phone

  2. When it's time to top up your Prepaid service, head into any participating 7-Eleven store and ask for an Optus Scan & Go Recharge

  3. At the counter, pay for your recharge and scan the QR code that you have saved on your phone

Want more information? Check out this page.


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Using Auto Recharge

AutoRecharge is the simplest way to stay on top of your Prepaid plan. Just choose up the amount you want to recharge and the frequency of how often you'd like the recharge to be applied. We'll take care of the rest. Set up AutoRecharge with your credit card here.

Looking for more information? See this page.

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By visiting a store

Visit a 'yes' Optus store to recharge or pick up a voucher.

See this page to find your nearest store.

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