Modem Equipment, Setup & User Guides: Fixed Broadband

To set up or troubleshoot your Optus supplied Fixed Broadband modem, check out the attached user guides. Animated guides are available for Netgear and Sagemcom fixed modems. Further information on accessing your Fixed Broadband modem's settings is available in this article.

You can also check our network status page to see if your service is impacted by a network outage.

Optus Supplied Modem / Router User Guides & Support

Setting up your modem for the first time? We have Fixed Broadband Quick Start guides available to get you up-and-running in no time! 

Alternatively, below you'll be able to download the user manuals to setup, troubleshoot and configure your Optus router / modem.


Netgear CG3000V2

Netgear CM500V + Sagemcom 3864V3 OP / 3864V3 AC


Sagemcom 3864V3 OP / 3864V3 AC


Sagemcom 3864V3 OP / 3864V3 AC

Please note the manuals are in PDF format. To view PDF documents:

  • Windows users need Adobe Reader, it's available free from here
  • Mac users can view PDFs via the inbuilt OS-X application.  Preview or download the OS-X Version of Adobe reader

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Auto-Configuration Assistance

If your Optus modem does not automatically self-configure when connecting to the network for the first time, please follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open an internet browser on a device connected to the modem and enter a web address e.g.

  2. If your browser is correctly connected to your modem, but the modem has not auto-configured, you will see the following screen asking for your OptusNet Email Address and OptusNet Password rather than the website you entered:

    Modem Login Screen
    Note: If you need to return to the modem configuration screen, type in your browser address bar

  3. Press Save and Apply and close the browser

  4. The modem will now automatically restart and set up with your correct username and password. Please allow a few minutes for the modem to complete this process

  5. You will now be able to connect to the Optus network and the internet, you can check this by opening a webpage in your browser

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Previously Supplied Modems


If you already have an Approved Cable Modem, you’ll only need to purchase a new modem if your current modem doesn't support the Speed Packs. Modem compatibility can be verified with Optus at the time of installation.

Up to 20Mbps theoretical speed
  • Motorola: SB4100, SB4101, SB4200, SB5100, SB5101
Up to 30Mbps theoretical speed
  • Netgear: CG814WG, CVG824G
Up to 100Mbps theoretical speed
  • Netgear: CG3000
  • Cisco: EMTA2203, DPQ3212, DPQ3925
  • Netgear CM500V + Sagemcom F@st3864


For modems and routers other than those below, Optus DSL Broadband only provides network connection settings needed for manual configuration. While other equipment can be used on the Optus DSL Network, Optus Technical support is limited to providing connection information or assistance with network-related connection difficulties.

  • D-Link: DSL302G
  • Netgear: DG834GU V.5, DG834GSP, DGN220
  • Sagem: F@st 1201 V2
  • Siemens: SpeedStream 4200, SpeedStream 4201


  • Netgear: EVG2000

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List of Approved Filters / Splitters

Existing Optus Resale DSL accounts must ensure modem and other broadband equipment is approved for use on the Optus Resale DSL Network.

A list of approved equipment is outlined below:

  • C10 Communications - Distributed Splitter, 600 series, C10645M
  • C10 Communications - Distributed Splitter, 600 series, C10345M
  • C10 Communications - Remote Splitter, C10100E
  • C10 Communications - Remote Splitter, C10100P
  • TE - Distributed Splitter, 8p Modular sockets with 6p lead - line/phone/modem, DSL0082+

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