How to Check Network Status & Outages

To check for a problem with the network, select from the options below:


Fixed Phone, TV & Broadband Outages

To see if we have listed any issues / maintenance occurring in your local area:

We’ve also included some troubleshooting steps on this page that may assist with your issue.  

Mobile Outages / Network Problems

To check for a problem with the Optus Mobile Network & service in your area, see our coverage maps.  Just follow steps A, B & C as shown below. Once you've selected the 'Outage' tab and entered an address or location at the top of the map - you'll be presented with all the towers in the searched area.

  • Red coloured tower(s) indicate there is a problem or outage
  • Orange coloured tower(s) indicate we’re performing maintenance or upgrades
  • Green coloured tower(s) indicate that everything is running okay 

Tip! If you have an Optus approved WiFi Calling compatible device, you can use an available WiFi connection to make and receive calls, texts and messages. To find out more, click here

How to view a mobile outage

I need to report an issue that's not listed / shown

If you cannot see any reported outages in your area but you're still experiencing issues. This page provides an index of our most commonly used troubleshooting articles.

Still can't resolve the resolve the issue?

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