Modem/WiFi Username & Password Help: Fixed Broadband

Here you can find assistance with your fixed broadband modem's username & password, you can also check our network status page to see if your service is impacted by a network outage.

Important! We highly recommend that you change your modem / router's default password & username, including those for your WiFi network, to ensure your broadband connection remains secure.

Setting up your modem for the first time? We have Fixed Broadband Quick Start guides available to get you up-and-running in no time! 

Modem / router usernames & passwords

These are the factory-set passwords and usernames that allow access to your settings, WiFi and network configuration using your internet browser. Most routers / modems also have this information labelled on the underside of the modem/ router.

  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: password

These security details should not be confused with your Primary OptusNet username or password or your WiFi security details. More on these is below.

Why aren't the default passwords/ usernames working?

If you've previously changed the username and / or password and forgotten them, you'll need to perform a factory reset of your modem / router and then use the default passwords / usernames above to have access.

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Performing a factory reset

Before you reset your modem/router

Note down your OptusNet / Internet primary username & password, these can differ from your modem and your WiFi security details. Further help to view or retrieve these is available in this article.

A factory reset can wipe any personalised modem settings that you've changed previously, including saved WiFi network names, passwords, configuration etc.

Factory resetting your modem/router

A factory reset usually involves holding a recessed button down for a few seconds. Reset buttons are normally located on the rear or underside of your modem/ router. You'll find factory reset steps for Optus supplied modems in their respective user guides; you can download yours from this article.

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Locating your WiFi password / network name

You can use the default username / passwords above to view and edit your modem / router's WiFi network name (SSID) & password as well as any other configuration options your modem/router offers.

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How to access your Modem's configuration / WiFi security details

Tip: The information below is also printed on the reverse side of most modems / routers. You do not have to be connected to the internet to access the addresses below, only to your modem/ router. You may need to perform a factory reset if the default password / username does not work. 

For Optus supplied Cable & NBN broadband modems/ routers


Modem settings page



Netgear DGN 2200



Netgear DG834

admin (if asked)

password (if asked)

Sagem F@ST 1201

(If this fails, click here for more info)



Sagem F@ST 3864





  1. Your modem must be switched on and connected to your computer (wired or wirelessly)

  2. Open your internet browser and type in or go to this address:

  3. When asked, Enter the default username: admin

  4. Enter the default password: password

  5. To see your WiFi password, SSID, etc. Click on the Wireless or WiFi setup menus


For Optus supplied DSL broadband modems/ routers

  1. Your modem must be switched on and connected to your computer (wired or wirelessly)

  2. Open your internet browser and type in or go to this address

  3. Enter the username 'admin' and password 'admin' in the login window then log in

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