Optus Special Assistance Service: What it includes

There are several important things you need to know about the Optus Special Assistance Service (OSAS);


OSAS Customers will be provided with expedited fault rectification using the next available appointment within the 24 hour or 48 hour period, according to their location. We do not guarantee the service levels set out below, nor do we guarantee continuous or fault-free services.


If there are no working telephone services at an OSAS Customer's residence, we aim to repair at least one telephone service;

  • Within 24 hours of the customer's repair request in Urban (ie. a township or community grouping of 10,000 or more people) and Rural areas (ie. a township or community grouping of 200 or more people but less than 10,000 within a standard zone); and
  • Within 48 hours in Remote areas. (ie. a township or community grouping of less than 200 people or a township or community grouping located outside a standard zone.)

If we cannot repair a fault within the timeframes set out above, we will use our best endeavours to offer OSAS Customers an interim service, unless circumstances are so extreme that we are prevented from accessing an OSAS Customer's residence (eg. by reason of a natural disaster or risk to the personal health and safety of our staff).

Interim services are temporary services (usually using mobile technology). If OSAS Customers have access to another working telephone service, faults will not be escalated to OSAS timeframes.

No notification will be provided to OSAS Customers for telephony network outages unless required under Customer Service Guarantee legislation.

OSAS Customers can call us at any time for fault repair, and must quote their OSAS ID number.

Call us on (Open 24/7).


OSAS is specifically designed for customers in genuine need, and we do not charge eligible customers for registering and receiving the service. OSAS customers will however be required to pay for all calls made from an interim service, while it is in their possession, at their normal Optus Home Phone rates.

The abuse of this service by customers not in need can put the lives of those in genuine need at risk.

If it is discovered that an OSAS Customer is ineligible (eg. the completed application form is not returned) and Optus has incurred costs for prioritised work, we reserve the right to charge a fee.

What if my circumstances change or I move house?

Your registration as an OSAS Customer will lapse whenever you move your telephone service between telephone service providers.

If you are a priority service customer with your existing telephone service provider and you move your service to us, you will no longer have priority assistance. Optus does not provide priority assistance. Telstra is a provider that does. In addition, if you change the name of the Account Holder for your telephone service, you will no longer be eligible for OSAS.

If you are an Optus customer relocating from your residential address and staying with Optus as your telephone service provider, you should inform an Optus consultant that you are registered as an OSAS Customer and quote your OSAS ID number for reference, so that your details can be updated.

Note that your relocation priority does not change as a result of this notification, however, if you have a fault, your escalated fault prioritisation will be continued at your new residence.

Other things you should know

OSAS is a service for Optus customers who have their local telephone services with us. If you are not an Optus customer and you believe you are eligible for OSAS, you will need to speak to your service provider. Optus is not a Priority Assistance Provider. Telstra is a Priority Assistance Provider.

OSAS only applies to standard telephone services. It does not apply to mobile phones.

Optus reserves the right to apply charges for where applications do not meet eligibility criteria. The OSAS service does not include escalated new connections, relocations or porting.

If we are unable to repair your telephone fault as per the timeframes specified, you may receive an interim service eg. mobile handset. Interim services are provided for emergency use only and must be returned once your standard service is restored.

Delivery of interim handsets will be subject to courier company procedures, and delivery is not guaranteed within a specified time.

The Customer Service Guarantee will not apply if an interim service is provided to you.

You are liable for any call charges, damage or loss of the interim service in your possession.

If an OSAS Customer's telephone is disconnected for non-payment, Optus does not guarantee they will be able to use this service to contact emergency services, until reconnection.


Your health information or that of the individual with the life-threatening medical condition will only be used for the purposes of:

  • Assessing your eligibility for OSAS;
  • Providing, administering and managing OSAS and
  • the services generally provided to you; and
  • in accordance with the Optus Privacy Policy.

By providing health information about you, or a member of your household, you have consented to Optus collecting this information for the purposes of providing OSAS.