Update Your Personal Info & Our Privacy Policy

For details on our privacy policy and how we handle your personal information, see the topics and links below.

What is Optus' privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available here, it includes everything you need to know about how we handle your personal information, including:

  • Why we need it and how we collect it
  • How we keep it safe and how we use it
  • How to access it or correct it
  • The partners we share it with & where they're located

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How do I correct or change my personal / account details?
  • For Spelling errors, address updates or date of birth corrections, head over to how to update your personal details for more information
  • Changing the ownership of your Optus service to another individual, head over to this article for everything you need to know
  • For assistance with deceased estates / accounts please see this article for assistance
  • To give someone else the authority to discuss your account / services with us take a look at this article for details
  • To update your marketing preferences log in to My Account or head over to this page for more information

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