Bankruptcy / Insolvency

Have you been declared Bankrupt?

If so, you'll need to send documentation to and include the below information:

  • Bankruptcy Number
  • Date declared bankrupt
  • Name of the Bankruptcy Trustee
  • The contact phone number (including area code) of the Bankruptcy trustee
  • Is Optus listed as a creditor?

Your company is undergoing financial stress: Receivers have been appointed; in liquidation; under external administration

If a company liquidator has been appointed to your company, or your company is in receivership, or is under external administration, please call Optus Collections Department on this contact number as soon as possible and have this set of information ready to provide to the Collections agent:

Call us on 1300 790 789

  • Date the Liquidator / Receiver / Administrator was appointed
  • Name of Liquidator / Receiver / Administrator and the firm for whom the they work
  • The contact phone number (including area code) of the Liquidator / Receiver / Administrator

Are you a Bankruptcy Trustee / Liquidator / Receiver Manager / Administrator?

If you are acting as a bankruptcy trustee or Liquidator / Receiver Manager / Administrator for an insolvent customer of Optus and you need to speak with one of our team directly, please call our contact number.

Call us on 1300 790 789